Paper submission

Conference tracks:

  • Public security: risks, prevention, legal regulation 
  • The management of human resources for a safe and sustainable society 
  • Paradigms of social sciences ensuring international, national, societal and individual security 
  • Digital transformation and priorities of socio-economic development
  • Prospects for building and expanding the world’s green ecosystem
  • Research of young scientists for a sustainable and safe society
  • Invited guests: The National Ecosystem for the Recognition and Analysis of the Information Effect Phenomena (NAAS).

Paper submission & guidelines

Authors of presentations may submit their publications for publishing in the Scientific Journal “Public Security and Public Order” (the scientific journal “Public Security and Public Order” is included in the EBSCO Publishing, International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar databases)

Submissions must be made before May 8th, 2023

All manuscripts must be in English or Lithuanian.

Submission guidelines for publications

If you have any questions or face any difficulties related to the submission and/or review processes, contact: